Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Major, aka Squirt

1/2 Welsh, 1/ Thoroughbred, full brother to Concerto and Fortissimo,  September 1, 2009, so considered 4 but actually still 3 until September.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fortissimo jumping

Practicing for upcoming shows with 5 year old Fortissimo.

Monday, June 17, 2013


14 hand 5 year old stallion, chestnut roan with flaxen mane and tail, by Prince, who is by the famous Thoroughbred racing stallion Private Terms, who repeats the grand prix jumping blood of Damascus/ Bold Ruler.  The Damascus/ Bold Ruler nick produced the no. 1 Thoroughbred Grand Prix jumping sire in North America: Napur, and South America: Coconut Grove.  Damascus a very known race horse and sire also produced many noted jumpers and sires: Mokhieba, leading steeplechase sire.
The gift to jump Fortissimo certainly has.  Fortissimo has tremendous beauty, a sane mine, great conformation, and the tremendous gift to jump, currently jumping 4'.  He has been handled since birth and worked with daily.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Concerto the Wonder Pony video

Concerto the Wonder Pony, video.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Stills from the video CONCERTO at LIBERTY

Stills from the video of Concerto in the paddock moving and what a great mover he is!

Concerto at Liberty

I had Concerto groomed to go on a little trip but it's rained for days and just as soon as we were to leave it opened up again so I let him out in the paddock next to the house and this is what he did. I have an umbrella over my head which is why he keeps snorting at me although he wants to just come get a pat.

Friday, June 7, 2013


Concerto does it all and has amazing talent. He is athletic with a super jump, kind, calm, with huge gaits. He's won in hunters, jumpers, equitation, Western speed classes, has done hunter paces clearing all the jumps when huge pricey horses didn't or couldn't. He's gone and carried around non riders at kids birthday parties. He's been a rescue horse during a national disaster. and is a true buddy.

Concerto at the NEWPA and Ponies on the Hudson Show, 2012

Concerto racks up the ribbons winning in hunter, jumpers, equitation, western pleasure, and speed classes.

Concerto at the NEWPA and PONIES on the HUDSON shows

CONCERTO the WONDER PONY racks up the ribbons, 2012, at the NEWPA and Ponies on the Hudson Show.

Concerto getting show ready.

Concerto get braided.

Concerto lessons in the ring

Concerto flying over jumps in the ring in Brewster, NY. 2012

Concerto on trail over jumps

Concerto above "aires"

Concerto after Irene

Concerto the Wonder Pony was my search and rescue pony with Fortissimo after the storm of Irene. He always keeps his cool.

Concerto at the Kids Birthday Party 5 12

Concerto was asked to attend a girl's birthday party as the entertainment. He happily carried around young children all day with his younger brother Squirt. It was a real kids party but Concerto and Squirt kept their cool and gave pony rides all day.

Concerto competing over jumps at NEWPA and PONIES on the HUDSON at 3 and winning, "A" rated

Concerto competed against seasoned ponies as a 3 year old and racked up the ribbons. The judges came up after the classes to ask about him and to say that he is the Wonder Pony, with a huge stride, calmness, and great jumping ability. Hence the name Concerto the Wonder Pony was given. Pictured with his full brother, Fortissimo as a 2 year old, who received High Point 1/2 Welsh for the Northeast that year in halter.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Concerto at HITS: NEWPA SHOW and PONIES ON THE HUDSON as a two year old


Concerto on train over jumps 2012 as a 5 year old.

Concerto has done hunter paces and was brought up schooling on trail and over natural jumps. There is also a video on YoutTube of him jumping and in the ring as a 3 year old.

Head shots of Fortissimo and Squirt in 2012

Fortissimo at 3 in 2011

Fortissimo and A Major are full brothers to Concerto, by Prince, shown in older posts, a super talented thoroughbred jumper. Fortissimo is 1/2 Welsh and 1/2 Thoroughbred and a super talent in jumping, with a beautiful hunter trot.